Its interesting, but I think it might just be an update of Wasteland. The beta is horribly broken and resembles an alpha release, specifically I think custom characters break the save game feature. It sort of just resembles a cheap Unity rehash like Shadowrun Returns. I found myself playing the Fallout 1 and 2 soundtracks while gaming, the background music becomes a bit harsh. At $60 bucks its a bit much to become invested in at this point. There’s such a lack of Western RPGs at this point that it still is appealing. But I have a feeling the Fallout pack on GOG wasn’t a coincidence. If you are looking for a more refined experience, simply pick up the mods for Fallout 1 + 2 and go back into it. Ultimately, Wasteland 2 says to me that games like Fallout, for the fans at least, was a singular event. That maybe that was the high point, and its all simply remakes at this point. 


This was a post on Bluelight by Foreigner:


I had this discussion tonight with a friend in person. He has Aspberger’s syndrome, which is an autistic spectrum disorder. He was telling me that his greatest challenge growing up was that society stigmatized him as being “abnormal”. He believes that if society had a more broad definition of what is normal, or tossed out “normal” altogether, then more kinds of people could gain acceptance and thus achieve higher functionality. In short, most “disorders” are diagnosed on the basis of how well a person functions in society. The difference between someone hearing voices and someone who is “schizoaffective” relates to a professional diagnosis, which is often determined based on their ability to function in the human world. When people can no longer function they get slapped with the label. 

Think about what people were put into asylums for 100 years ago compared to today. Some things that were hopeless diseases back then are now just considered part of the normal human spectrum that we don’t even bother treating, i.e. homosexuality. 

Given this information, I ask what determines normal and abnormal, or sanity vs. insanity, in a world where philosophical, intellectual and cultural diversity is so high? Could factors like the information age and the internet contribute to a higher degree of subjectivity around social norms and thus acceptance of differences?


My response:

[QUOTE]most “disorders” are diagnosed on the basis of how well a person functions in

Well, I would disagree. Social functioning plays a part. But its not the complete
picture. In terms of a disorder its physical functioning. If you can’t do the things
that people do day-to-day, feed yourself, shower, go to the bathroom then its a
disorder. Whether someone talks to someone else is largely irrelevant in this day and age. You can purchase food by a machine. I think a person is less IN a society than a collection of human beings that by and large function rather poorly. Society implies that the social order works and is what persons are to be measured against. Society is itself a delusion.

In terms of Autism, AS or AD really isn’t Autism. Its not even a favored diagnosis.
There’s a lot of discussion that its become a favored diagnosis for a certain level of
introversion and mild compulsion on one particular thing, meaning that really, its
overdiagnosed. People with AS/AD function very well as opposed to Autism, which needs a
certain level of care.

I think what the OP is getting at is the cultural attitude towards people with Mental
Health issues, people who are ignorant tossing around words like “retard,” “schizo,”
“crazy bitch,” “psycho” , even “addict.” I don’t think we’re ready as a human race to
move past this. Maybe 100 years from now. Who knows. Given other factors I don’t think we’ll ever move past this.

Seperate from law or the Mental Health field, I don’t think sanity exists nor does insanity. Its a cultural delusion that people can be normal and abnormal. It boils down to fitting a square peg in a round hole. Its the absurdist hypocracy in which we live, that someone else can call another person a “weirdo” when they themselves, the modern man, is a broken, fragmented individual clinging not even to ethics or morality but prewritten laws and hallucinations of satisfaction.

In short, the game was rigged before you born.

Why are so many of Canada’s young people out of work?

Well, I believe the sense of entitlement started in high school. There’s a general rule of society that’s very rational: “You will only get something back out of the work you put into it.”

So, for those that worked hard in high school and were tricked into going into university or even college really and to find out that all this hard work meant nothing (and the money as well) is insane.

Society tells us that the stoner loser who just delivered your pizza is somebody you don’t want to be. Work hard and you will succeed. The Gen X slacker generation is no more to tell us that that pizza delivery job is the best you’re going to get, so don’t work hard.

Whats really screwed up is that for Gen Y and later the amount of “dumb” people is very small. Everyone is relatively smart. Too smart to stand around at a cashier for 7 hours and do retail or clean toilets or deliver pizzas.

Compared to the Boomer generation where the intelligence gap was high, going to university was a big deal. You could get middle class jobs out of university because not a lot of people went.

Also, money is a big deal. Things are expensive. There are more things that we are told we need today as opposed to years ago. We do believe we are entitled to these things, LCD TVs, cars, gym membership, cell phone etc etc. What’s the point of working a 20 hour retail job at minimum wage with these consumerist expectations? That too is insane.

When you don’t get the things and the job after working so hard in school for, when there is nothing there but a job at a coffee shop which is lower than poverty living, you tend to go “why?”

Will the U.S. really have an open debate on domestic spying?

I don’t think there’s much of a story here yet. Everyone knows that the US government collects an enormous amount of information internationally and within the US. Its done this for decades. The Patriot Act probably increased the process as we can only guess.

But it doesn’t seem like it has done the US government any good. My whole argument is that the US government is spending a ton of money on this information gathering and it doesn’t seem to equate to any sort of value. Its sort of thriving off of paranoia generation when people can’t get jobs, or get a doctor. Its hard to equate large computers humming in air conditioned office buildings doing nothing more than looking at US phone call data versus some guy pushing a shopping cart with his stuff wondering where his next meal is coming from.

It just doesn’t make reasonable sense.

Is there something more to the story? More leaks that will show the government is simply inept at protecting its citizens? The government seems eager to catch this person. But to what end? Where is the risk?

I don’t even think there is anything ethically wrong with the data collection persay, privacy in this day and age is a thing of the past. But if we are still lingering in the McCarthy area of suspicion where Joe Blow is a person of interest simply for voicing his opinion – labeling common people as for or against the State, then its laughable., the government hasn’t outgrown itself to be nothing more than a cat playing with its own tail.

In terms of Moores law what PC users are getting is a bump up in quality from the consoles going into their next gen. The baseline experience is now an 8 core AMD CPU, 8gs of ram which the newer consoles offer.

The problem gets to be is that PC users have been running specs similar in scope, mainly because the newer consoles lack a dedicated GPU. So my system, which probably is about 2 years old now, a Phenom II, 6gs ram, GTX650 (its a newer card, a few months old) is probably similar in horsepower to the newer consoles.

What’s going to be the big joke in the next year or so, that’s always been the joke with consoles vs. PC users, is that in the next year and a half AMD and Intel and Nvidia are going to drop better products that are going to blow the consoles away for a lesser price point. Its already happening now, the Intel Haswell CPUs have dropped everything down in price.

Its not crazy to speculate that PC users may be running 16 core CPU/APUs with 16g ram (of DDR5?) with a SSD, plus an additional PCI-E 3.0 GPU in a years time as the BASELINE PC experience.

DA3 will purr on our new machines and how we will gloat. 😀 😀

MSNBC Host Calls Men in Their Twenties Weak, Unmarriable Gamers

Well, in context he is catering to the audience which I presume, by being flanked by his female cohorts, is the entitled, educated, upper middle class to rich conservatives. Its a tagline that gets spewed from differing sources that generationally men of Gen Y or earlier are weak.

What this says isn’t so much about the working class men who engage in video games for leisure or even middle class men who play video games…its commenting on the upper crust rich boys of society that are “unmarriable.” Which seems beyond these pristine swans of women cooing on TV, as they are much too old.

Its the lamenting cry of Alpha straight female women (of wealth or successful employ) in their late 30s, and 40s who have been passed over by Alpha men in favor of other women. Its not to say that all men are weak but rather all of the Alpha men have been taken, in their eyes.

In turn one could say something equally sexist about 20s women being facile, detrimental, haphazard, and ill fitting. They are beyond weak, and have become boring. They are disposable and best ignored.

But its all just generic statements. There is nothing more servile than petting one’s ego and putting down the other. That in itself is a weak position. And catering to it is sad endeavor.


Its an interesting point on gender relations.

The Joy Formidable – The Greatest Light is the Greatest Shade (HD)

My heavy summer song pick for 2013. From their 2011 release. The Big Roar as seen on